International Public-Scientific Initiative «Community: Health. Human Potential. Socio-Economic Innovations»
29-31 May 2019 Ukraine, Kyiv, National TeleCentre

Type: meet-up

  • Organization of Discussion in the context: science-business-community
  • Online translation


  • Online – more than 2500
  • Governmental (Ministries of Ukraine: Local Self-Government Institutions), Academic (HEIs, Research Institutions), Public (NGOs), Business, International (Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, Poland)


  • Networking between Governmental, Academic, Public (NGOs), Business, International Institutions
  • Wide geographical dissemination of publications:

1. IPSI Proceedings (Ukraine-Italy)

2. “Journal of Organizational Studies and Innovations” (UK)

3. Journal ”Mental Health: global challenges” (Italy)

2019 IPSI Proceedings
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