The quality of our Mental Health and daily activity
22.09.2022 06:50

The markers we can indicate/distinguish the quality of mental health in daily activity

1. The culture of interpersonal communication (talking about own feelings (reflection of life events; solving of life challenges; functional abilities; aims and priorities; social relationships etc))

2. The culture of physical activity

3. The culture of eating and drinking

4. The culture of listening to own body

5. The culture of social representation (Ask for help; Do something you’re good at etc)

6. The culture of mental and physical relaxing

7. The culture of selfperception

8. The culture of interpersonal relationships (care for others; spirituality etc)

  • The culture of interpersonal communication. It is highly important for MH of any individual to have communication with other people. It is extremely important for MH of any individual to share own feelings, own reflection of life events, own aims and priorities with other people, to present own functional abilities, to give feedback for social relationships etc.

How often, and in what way we talk to other about our feelings; what is the quality of this process. ...

  • The culture of physical activity. Without any doubts mental wellbeing is connected with physical wellbeing. That’s why the specificity of doing physical activity in our own life style is a significant indicator of our MH.

The constructs of our physical activity are:

• Daily physical activity (walking, household chores etc). Of course, it is hard work :) so we are recommended to do these activities up to 150 minutes per week

• Exercises (morning exercises, fitness, jogging etc) Of course, it is pleasure :) so we are recommended to do these activities at least 30 minutes 5 days per week

• Play. Unstructured activity that is done for fun or enjoyment. At least 75 minutes per week

• Competitive activity. Each of us needs to identify, needs to differentiate his\her own individuality among other people. We need to get social approval for our skills and our activities

So, in what way we organize our physical activity, how often we enjoy our physical activity, what is the schedule of our physical activity etc. All these details appear to be significant psychodiagnostic markers of individual MH.

  • The culture of eating and drinking. How often do we eat per day? What is the content of our daily meal?

How often do we drink per day? Per week?

  • The culture of listening to own body. How often do we keep in touch? Do we enjoy this process? Are we good at listening to our own body?

  • The culture of social representation. How often and in what way do we ask other people for help? How often do we ask various social Institutions for help? Is this enjoyable for us? How often do we get social approval for our skills, activities?

In general, it is the evaluation of our social competencies

  • The culture of mental and physical relaxing. The mental and physical relaxation is extremely important to keep our own MH. I mean doing Relaxation, changing activity, Yoga, stretching exercises, Meditation, Breathing exercises

  • The culture of selfperception. This marker was defined to specify the peculiarities of self-worth, self-estimate, self-evaluation of own skills in real life, level of succeeding in professional, educational, social activities

  • The culture of interpersonal relationships. How often and in what way do we care about other people? In what way do we keep our own individual spirituality?

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