(26-27 October 2019, National University Lviv Polytechnic, Lviv, Ukraine 31 October – 02 November 2019, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania)


• to attract attention of researchers and policy-makers to urgent problems of MHC

• to provide a platform for exchange of ideas and development of academic and non-academic network of MHC researchers, practitioners and policy-makers

• to investigate solutions of specific issues of MHC in transdisciplinary and multicultural aspects


We are broadening of our horizon: geographically, quantitatively and qualitatively


1. This III-rd Conference had 2 geographical locations:

• 26-27 October – Lviv, Ukraine

• 31 October – 02 November, Bucharest, Romania

2. This III-rd Conference gained researchers and professionals from USA, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Greece, Germany, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Ukraine, Zanzibar …

Quality Content:

3. This III-rd Conference had Organizers and Partner\Co-organizers from different Sectors:

• INTERNATIONAL: International Medical Corps; Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning (USA), NDSAN (Italy); Canadian Centre on Disabilities Studies; EMDR Europe Association, EMDR Institute of Austria

• GOVERNMENTAL\PUBLIC: Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Public Health Centre)

• CIVIL: Zanzibar Psychiartry Association; NGO International Platform on Mental Health “Mental Health: global challenges”; Artness System International;

• RESEARCH AND EDUCATION: Wurzburg University (Germany); Universidade Europeia (Portugal); Athena Institute, Vrije University (Netherlands); Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania); Institute for Social and Political Psychology (Ukraine); Management and Business Academy (UK); National University Lviv Polytechnic (Ukraine); University of Manitoba (Canada); University of Thessaly (Greece); Zaporizhzhiya National University (Ukraine)

• INDUSTRY and INNOVATIONS: Chamber of Industry and Innovation (Israel-Ukraine)

4. Among our Honorable Guests and Keynote Speakers were:

• World Federation of Mental Health (Ana de Sousa Baptista, Director of the Board and Chair of the Mental Health Policy Section of the World Federation of Mental Health)

• Balkan Universities Association (Dr. Mircea Dumitru, President of Balkan Universities Association)

• EMDR Europe Association, EMDR Institute Austria – Eva Munker-Kramer

• Mental Health Reform, National Coalition for Mental Health in Ireland (Dr. Padraig O Feich)

• Galina Itskovich, Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning, USA

• Dr. Evangelos Fradelos, University of Thessaly, Greece,

• Dr. Elena Syurina, Athena Institute, Vrije University, Netherlands

• Dr. Daniela Dumitru, Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania,

• Dr. Valentina Vitale, NDSAN

• …

5. The International Journal “Mental Health: global challenges” (ISSN 2612-2138) ( ) is already indexed in DOAJI, Crossref, ResearchBib, CiteFactor, Scilit, SIS, … and available on Publons. The Journal considers with special attention the manuscripts which can be of interest for policy makers and practioners

Quantity and Research Contributions:

• The MHGC Proceedings – 2019 contains more than 30 selected publications.

• The Journal “Mental Health: global challenges” (ISSN 2612-2138) published (in 2019) the best papers (from different regions of the world) in 2 Issues;

• The Journal “Mental Health: global challenges” (ISSN 2612-2138) is requested for Special Issues by HEIs and Civil Institutions

This will allow high quality of academic contributions to progress. This will ensure multiplier effect on academic and non-academic network of Mental Health Care researchers, practitioners and policy-makers; this will ensure to promote high quality research on Mental Health in developing countries and countries in transition

Partnership building:

We are open to develop common research in order to improve multidisciplinary aspects of Mental Health Care system globally

Looking forward to see you within our wide community

Best regards, Viktor Vus

PhD in psychology, Associate Professor,

Editor-in-chief of the journal “Mental Health: global challenges”

Coordinator of the International Conference on Mental Health Care

“Mental Health: global challenges of XXI century”

R&D Laboratory for Community Health (LPNU)

NDSAN Network (sector of partnership building) (Italy)


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