Mental Health: Global Challenges of XXI Century

Keynote Speakers - 2018

MHGC21 - 2018

Dr. Elena V. Syurina


Dr Syurina is an Assistant Professor in the field of Global Mental health at the Athena Institute, VU University, Amsterdam, with specialisations in prevention and (develop) mental disorders. She has a multidisciplinary background, with degrees in neuropsychology and policy analysis. Prior to her current post, she has been a practicing children’s psychologist.

After completing her PhD in Child & Youth Healthcare at Maastricht University, Dr. Syurina was awarded a visiting researcher grant for the University of Oxford, where she researched the available biological measurements to identify stress levels in children in primary care. Since 2015 she has conducted research on the utility of Brain Blocks (a Dutch psycho-education and therapy toolkit). Projects she has contributed to include: UWV-commissioned research to investigate prospective innovations that can help people with mild intellectual disability to find and retain employment, investigation into the occurrence and aetiology of the new disordered eating pattern (Orthorexia Nervosa), a review of current practices supporting people with mental health disabilities in sub-Saharan Africa, investigation of cross-sectional stigma and positive deviance in Indonesia, and research into practices that contribute to the empowerment of mothers of autistic children in India.

Dr Syurina’s expertise lies in the fields of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to health-related decision making and participatory research methods. She has wide experience of sociological field research and ethnographic data collection, and is experienced in managerial and analytical tasks, as well as events organisation and market analysis. She has been co-manager of several large projects, including EU projects

Prof. Vitaly Klymchuk

Doctor in psychology

The director of Mental Health. Solutions

The official expert of Ministry of Health (Ukraine) (the area "Mental Health")

The member of Scientific-methodological Council of the Ministry of Health (Ukraine) (Sector of Higher Education)

The leading Research Fellow, Institute of Social and Political Psychology, National Academy of Educational Science of Ukraine

Dr. Maureen P. Flaherty

Associate Professor, Peace and Conflict Studies (University Manitoba, Canada)

Areas of specialization/interest:

Gender and peacebuilding, interpersonal violence, intimate partner abuse, participatory research as empowerment, feminist methodologies, indigenous methodologies, narrative, visioning, community mental health, community development, youth and democracy.

Dr. Maureen Flaherty has been a front-line social worker, therapist, consultant, and educator specializing in the areas of crisis and trauma recovery, intimate partner abuse, and community development.

Dr. Evangelos Fradelos


Evangelos Fradelos is a Scientific Collaborator at the Nursing Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly, Larissa, Greece. He is a clinical teacher in mental health and psychiatric nursing at Nursing Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Of his special interest is the development of critical thinking in clinical nursing, mental health in various populations and also spirituality and religiosity and its relation to health parameters.

Scientific societies: The American Association for Science and Technology; Hellenic Nurses Association

The Journal referee: American Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience; American Journal of Nursing Science; American Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology; International Journal of Clinical Medicine Research; Health Sciences Research

Dr. Daniela Dumitru


DANIELA DUMITRU is Associate Professor and Director of Teacher Training Department at Bucharest University of Economic Studies. She is the authored a book concerning critical thinking skills and their transferability and co-authored a textbook of critical thinking for magistracy admission exam. Many of her articles follow the same topic and concern critical thinking and its integration in higher education curricula.

Daniela’s latest research interest is education for sustainable development and she has participated in two European research projects and wrote a comparative report concerning education for sustainable development in South-East Europe, a research article concerning reorienting teacher training curricula toward sustainability, and co-authored an article about the ethos of education.

Her current project is 'CRITHINKEDU - Critical Thinking Across the European Higher Education Curricula.'

Prof. Ioanna V. Papathanasiou

Associate Professor of Community Psychiatry Nursing, University of Thessaly, Greece

Adjunct Academic Staff of the Hellenic Open University

Dr. Ioanna V. Papathanasiou has been working in the field of nursing and mental health. She teaches courses on Mental Health Nursing, Fundamental and Community Nursing, Diagnostic Nursing, Palliative Nursing, Critical Thinking in Nursing, Health Psychology and Counselling Nursing. Dr. Ioanna V. Papathanasiou has numerous publications in national and international journals and has participated as a speaker in several national and international conferences. Her research interests are in the fields of mental health, nursing education and research and community health nursing. She is the Coordinator of the European project proposal “Support of Universities’ initiatives for the elaboration and deployment of Rural healthcare and rural development plan” and she is also the Coordinator of the TEI of Thessaly team of the European projects “CRITHINKEDU: Critical Thinking Across the European Higher Education Curricula” and “ENhANCE: EuropeaN curriculum for the fAmily aNd Community nurse”. Her research work is widely recognized as has received numerous of citations. She is member of the editorial board and referee in many scientific journals such as Nurse Education Today; Medico Research Chronicles; Journal of Human and Social Science Research; American Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience; American Journal of Health Research; American Journal of Nursing Science; International Public Health Forum; American Journal of Nursing Research; Education in Medicine Journal; Higher Education Studies; Archives of Environmental & Occupational Health, Hellenic Journal of Nursing Science; Interscientific Health Care; etc.

Prof. Pavel Gornostai

Professor, Doctor in psychology

Chief Scientist of the Laboratory of Psychology of Small Groups and Intergroup Relations of the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Prof. Pavel Gornostai is actively engaged in advisory, psychotherapeutic and training practice, trains psychologists-consultants from different cities of Ukraine under the author's curriculum.

He develops integrative approaches in modern psychotherapy, in particular - such a direction as transactional psychodrama. Carries out methodological substantiation of role and dramaturgical approaches in psychological science and practice, as well as introduction of them into practice of social and educational reforms.

He is the founder and editor in chief of the journal "Psychodrama and modern psychotherapy"

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