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Selected papers will be indexed in Web of Science

Mental Health Care (MHC) in the contemporary world has become a global problem with a number of negative consequences. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mental and behavioural disorders are extremely common and affect up to 25% of all people in different periods of their lives. The WHO notes that in the future, given the ageing population and worsening social problems, the number of MHC cases will increase considerably. Simultaneously, each country in the world faces significant hindrances in both socio-psychological and economic aspects of the MHC system. No country has yet been able to completely solve this problem. This creates an urgent need in joint efforts towards searching for solutions of common problems.

Main objectives

  • to attract researchers’ and policy-makers’ attention to MHC urgent problems
  • to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas and development of (non)-academic MHC researchers, practitioners and policy-makers networks
  • to promote high quality research on MH in developing and in-transition countries
  • to investigate transdisciplinary and multicultural solutions of MHC specific issues
Key speakers


  • MHC systems in the context of global social challenges
  • Mental health and migration
  • Mental health and community
  • Management, organisation and treatment of Mental Health Issues support
  • Specific issues of MHC: child neuro-psychiatry; support for disabled and elderly people; MHC in rural areas; addictive behaviour
  • Inter- and trans-disciplinary approach to Global Mental Health issues

Fields covered: Health, Medicine, Social Science, Psychology, Education, Economic, Law, Counseling, Inter- and Multi-disciplinary studies

Supported by:
Inernational Reneissance Foundation
Honorable guests:

Humanitarian Mission "Proliska"

Peaceful Mind Foundation

Content (program):

We aim to focus on building and improving professional skills of specialists in Mental Health Care:

• Sharing of good practices in the field of Mental Health Care

• Seminar, workshops

• oral and e-poster presentations of research studies

We accept:

• case-studies

• applied-research papers

• theoretical research papers

Attending Types:

* Regular Presenter,

* Virtual Presenter

* Poster Presentation

* Publication only

* Non-presenting participant

Dissemination and Publications:

We aim to promote wide geographical diversification of conference results dissemination

• MHGC Proceedings (Publons, Crossref, Google Scholar) with unique DOI for each publication:

• Volume 1 of MHGC Proceedings 2020

• Volume 2 “Mental Health aspects in Organizational Studies” will comprise selected papers to be published in journals of MBAcademy (UK) (indexed in Web of Science)

• ITALY Academic Journal “Mental Health: global challenges” (E-ISSN 2612-2138; DOAJI, Publons, Crossref, ResearchBib, BASE, Index Copernicus, Cite Factor, SIS, Scilit) Fields covered: Health, Medicine, Social Science, Psychology, Education, Economic, Law, Inter- and Multi-disciplinary studies http://www.mhgcj.org/index.php/MHGCJ

The MHGC Journal is also available in National Library of Australia

• GREAT BRITAIN Academic Journal “Journal of Organisational Studies and Innovation” (Web of Science, Emerging Sources Citation Index) http://www.mbacademy.org.uk/index.php/home-josi

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