World Mental Health Day 2021 in Ukraine

World Mental Health Day in Ukraine – 2021

The WFMH theme for World Mental Health Day 2021 which is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’

Topic: Psychological security of the individual, human rights and state regulation in the context of social change


Mental Health Division, National Psychological Association of Ukraine;
|International Platform on Mental Health

International Sector: World Federation for Mental Health
Mental Health Albania

Academic sector: Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the National Academy of Educational Science of Ukraine;

Civil Society sector: Stress Division, National Psychological Association of Ukraine NGO “SOS Parents”;

Relevance: Measures to overcome the pandemic have caused/exacerbated the emergence of antagonistic tendencies both at the level of mental health of the individual and at the level of mental well-being of the community and the state.
 At the individual level: changes in the usual social interactions, "reformatting" of human consciousness and activities due to imposed social restrictions, uncertainty and uncontrollability of the situation regarding the safety of their own lives - become difficult challenges for the mental health of modern personality.
 At the societal level: on the one hand, we are witnessing a lack of systematization and clarity for the public of state and public measures to overcome the pandemic. On the other hand, we see how significant criticism of the state's actions leads to a decrease in public confidence in the authorities, significantly levels and reduces the effect of these measures…
 The current situation is reminiscent of the "war of all against all" (internal personal aggression, aggression in the family, socio-political aggression ...). That is why there is an urgent need to build a new state-social-internal individual consensus, to unite the efforts of specialists, social activists, public officials for the well-being of both the community/state and the individual.

Mission: establishing a dialogue between society and the state through social and educational activities aimed at overcoming violations of human well-being, community and state welfare (domestic and gender-based violence, stigma, rights, and health of children, adolescents, parents, etc.)

Purpose: to raise public awareness in the field of mental health; development of the Platform to unite the efforts of specialists, public activists and government officials to address pressing mental health issues (human and community well-being).

Main topics:

• The mental climate of society in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

• Domestic violence: How to protect yourself and your family? Who is punished by law?

• Upholding psychological boundaries and their relations to human rights. Psychological means of ensuring public awareness of human rights

• Adolescent and adult suicidal tendencies in the context of the COVID-19 crisis: causes and prevention

• Conditions of stay and treatment of mentally ill people in psychiatric clinics of Ukraine

• Modern methods of psychological care: trends and development

• Legal basis of psychological activity in Ukraine

Dissemination of results:

• An international Compendium will be prepared based on the materials of the event (with DOI assignment for each publication).

Event program:

ü • International Conference (venue– online)

ü date – 05.10.2021

• Press conference –

ü date– 07.10.2021 (11.00 – 12.00 Ukrainian time)

ü venue – Kyiv (Official Channel: ) The press-conference will be shared via e-resources of International Platform on Mental Health; National Psychological Association of Ukraine; Institute for Social and Political Psychology National Academy of Educational Science of Ukraine


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