REPORT about Mental Health Literacy Event in Ukraine (devoted to World Mental Health Day 2020)

Dear colleagues

It is great honor and pleasure for International Platform on Mental Health to introduce you results of Mental Health Literacy Event in Ukraine. This Event is devoted to World Mental Health Day

Aim: to increase social awareness in the field of MH

Topics and Speakers. We introduced and shared with wide audience different aspects of Mental Health: “How to look after one’s own Mental Health” (Dr. Viktor Vus), “Home and family abuse” (Nataliia Veselovska), “Mental Health and sexuality” (Roxolana Levytska), “Mental Health and religiosity” (Olexiy Bratslavets, Andriy Buhvak, Stepan Meniok), “Art and Mental Health” (Oxana Sergienko, Iryna Temna), “Medical-psychological support in combatant zone” (Alexandr Sterlikov, Vyacheslav Zaitsev), “When it is time to ask for psychiatric support” (Natalia Pidkaliuk, Maryna Malinovska), “How to keep Mental Health in the time of social restrictions” (Natalia Lomeiko, Lyudmila Svitlychna), “Self-regulation and Mental Health” (Lyubov Kremenetska), “Mental Health and elderly people” (Anna Komisarenko), “Siucide: how to prevent” (Galyna Guk)

Audience: more than 600 persons (during 01.10-10.10)

Sustainability: we shared all informational materials via our official website with wide Ukrainian social environment

In Partnership with:

Public Detective of the Ombudsman of Ukraine; Human Rights Education House (Chernihiv)

Center for mental rehabilitation (Khmelnytsky)

Charitable Foundation "Caritas - Zaporozhye"

International Renaissance Foundation

NDSAN (Italy)

PeacFullMind Foundation (UN Global Compact)

Vienna Institute of Neuropsychotherapy (Austria)

KAB Welfare Foundation

Institute of Social and Political Psychology, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

National Academy of Management

NGO "Youth Organization Podolsk Scouts"

Angels of Education Charitable Foundation

Scientific discussion club "Own investigation"

NGO "AVC int."

Dates : 01.10; 06.10; 08.10; 09.10

Venues & locations:

Human Rights House; “Caritas-Zaporizhzhya”; Khmelnytsky City Hospital; Khmelnytsky National University; National Academy of Management

Video material 1 Video material 2  Video material 3  Photos &text

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