International conference “Post COVID world: challenges and opportunities” (April 15-16 2021)

International conference “Post COVID world: challenges and opportunities” (April 15-16 2021)

Organizers: National Medical University of Ukraine named O. Bogomolets (Ministry of Health); International Platform on Mental Health “Mental Health: global challenges of XXI century”

Partners: All Ukrainian Association of psychosomatic medicine; Association of neurologists, psychiatrists and narcologists of Ukraine; Zanzibar Psychiatric Association; Institute for Social and Political Psychology of Ukraine …

The consequences of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic still remain the significant problem for the health care system in the world. In addition, the long-term consequences of this infectious disease haven`t been insufficiently studied and predicted, especially for mental and physical wellbeing of the individual\population. Therefore, the cognitive impairments have been one of the main components of the Post-COVID syndrome, for example.

The studying of mental healthstatus of patients with comorbid postcovid disorders will have theoretical and practical significance in multidisciplinary aspects of the various fields of science: psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine, neurology and psychology. It can improve the treatment efficiency of patients and populations’ quality of life level.

Main objective:

· connect health professionals from different fields of science to address interdisciplinary issues regarding postCOVID mental and somatic disorders of individual\population


1. Postcovid assessment and diagnostic issues, methods of researches. Diagnostic criteria for Postcovid syndrom and long-term complications.

2. Postcovid integrative care. Psychopharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, mental health training, self-management. Behavioral and psychosocial mechanisms in psychosomatic medicine. Prevention and rehabilitation.

3. Professional conditions of postcovid health disorders. Counseling and communication psychiatry of postcovid health disorders.

4. Culture and postcovid world. Philosophical and ethical issues in the treatment process of postcovid health disorders.

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