Activities to World Mental Health Day in Ukraine – 2021


World Mental Health Day in Ukraine – 2021

 📷Topic: Psychological security of the individual, human rights and state regulation in the context of social change


Mental Health Division, National Psychological Association of Ukraine

|International Platform on Mental Health

Human Rights Education House ()


International Sector: Teenergizer International Youth Movement

European Federation of Psychological Student Associations

Mental Health Albania

 📷Purpose: to raise public awareness in the field of mental health; development of the Platform to unite the efforts of specialists, public activists and government officials to address pressing mental health issues (human and community well-being).

Main topics:

• The mental climate of society in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

• Domestic violence: How to protect yourself and your family? Who is punished by law?

• Upholding psychological boundaries and their relations to human rights. Psychological means of ensuring public awareness of human rights

• Adolescent and adult suicidal tendencies in the context of the COVID-19 crisis: causes and prevention

• Conditions of stay and treatment of mentally ill people in psychiatric clinics of Ukraine

• Modern methods of psychological care: trends and development

• Legal basis of psychological activity in Ukraine

Dissemination of results:

• An international Compendium will be prepared based on the materials of the event (with DOI assignment for each publication).

Event program:

• International Conference –

 date –  05.10.2021

 venue –  Educational House of Human Rights (Chernihiv)

• Press conference –

 date –  07.10.2021


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