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Social initiative "Ukrainian Library of Mental Health and Well-Being" is an online resource that collects reliable, relevant and effective (in terms of health (i.e. individuals/society) information materials and modern communication technologies in free access to broad sections of the population.

In search of solutions and answers to their urgent questions, modern people often turn to Internet resources. However, the modern Internet is filled with a huge amount of materials. Today's Ukrainians face extremely important questions: "Do these materials contain true, scientifically proven information?", "These materials will help preserve health or, on the contrary, cause irreparable damage to the psyche and health?".

A lack of confidence leads to the formation of mistrust. In the beginning, it is distrust on a personal level. In the future, this mistrust extends to relatives, acquaintances, specialists, social institutions, state institutions. The social initiative "Ukrainian Library of Mental Health and Well-Being" contributes to the formation of public trust in modern psychological science and involves broad sections of the population of Ukraine in building a health-oriented society.

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Useful materials and more information about mental health can be found in the sections. Our library aims to help you take care of yourself and your loved ones.